Photographer Armando Branco (1977 | The Netherlands) is a keen observer of modern life.  He takes notice of society’s rapidly changing outlook regarding commerce, brands, western culture & values, thus forgetting the individual artistic voice within. As a result of working in the contemporary fashion world where everything is disposable, or at least replaceable, he decides to follow his intuition.
Armando’s attention to the subtle movements right before a climax is a great inspiration, and his dedication to capture the “in between” moments is celebrated in his work. The delicate emotions that result from interpersonal connections can be found in many forms throughout his repertoire ranging from coquette, commercial inspired images, to raw, personal visions. He is not afraid to show everything, the homosexual facet of his life isn't forgotten.

Armando Branco has been globally publishing for over 15 years in both print (magazines/books) and digital platform. He is also owner and founder of his online male model agency since May 2012 (


A note from Armando Branco:

You are nowhere without a team that supports your (crazy) ideas.

Collaborations are essential to the success of any shoot.  With that in mind I’d like to celebrate those who have worked closely with me over the years to make our visions come to photographic life. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes out to all editors, art directors, clients, designers, stylists, hair stylists, make-up artists, modeling agencies with whom I've had the honor to work.

A big thanks goes out to my parents (Josh & Amanda) for always allowing me to follow my own path. Without their support I wouldn’t be where I am now.

To these kindred spirits I would also love to show my deepest respect : Zuzanna Mandrysz, Jeroen Kamphorst, Stefhanie Blokland, Marloes Hogenkamp, Jolanda Denneman, Natasja van der Meer, Edwin Reinerie, Edwin Hanssen, Frederic Lafeuille, Petra Reuvers, Gerard @ Fotostudio Utrecht, Patrick @ Color Utrecht Fotovaklab & Juliëtte den Ouden @ JDO. Thank you for supporting my vision & work through all these turbulent years.

Above all I would like to thank the models for giving me their trust and confidence. Each model has helped me shape the ideas and thoughts into the final images. You are my main actors.

Also a kind thank you a lot goes out to Linda Elizabeth & Eric Kleinberg for writing my little biography. And last but not least : Ka Hing @ DT Interlink : with your help my website has exceeded my expectations.